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Legislative Guide for Circus Fans

There are a number of ways that Circus Fans can help the circus industry on legislative issues.  While professional circus personnel can educate legislators on the specifics of performing animal care and handling, Circus Fans play an important educational role as well.  Legislators need to know that there is a constituent base of citizens who support and enjoy the use of animals in circuses.  When a legislator introduces a measure that would ban or hinder the use of animals in circuses or exhibitions, he or she will usually receive a steady drumbeat of support from animal activists.  It is up to the circus industry and its supporters to make our voices heard above the din of animal rights misinformation. 

Here are some ways the Circus Fans can become involved in legislative issues:

  • Watch for legislative updates in White Tops, on the Circus Fans website at, and via e-mail alerts.
  • When alerted to legislative activity in your area (especially state legislation or local ordinances), write letters and/or make phone calls to your elected officials.  Circus Fan officers and the Animal Welfare Committee members can assist with talking points on pending legislation and contact information for legislative offices.
  • Attend local hearings and speak in favor of animals in circuses, if requested.  Again, Circus Fan leadership can assist with talking points and/or procedural information regarding the hearings.  We can also put you in touch with fellow Circus Fans who have testified at hearings in the past for guidance.
  • Write letters to the editor to your local newspapers, especially in response to any activist letters.
  • Notify family and friends when legislative issues arise, and encourage them to write or call their legislators.  This will increase the amount of correspondence legislators receive from circus supporters.
  • And finally, Circus Fans can keep the circus industry updated on animal issues in their areas.  Local activity is difficult to monitor, so Circus Fans can be a very helpful resource.  Many times, information on local ordinance activity is obtained through local news coverage or town meeting/selectmen agendas.  We encourage Circus Fans to follow their city/town ordinance activity and local news to watch for animal regulation issues, and notify the Circus Fan officers if there is any issue involving animal exhibitions or performances.  The officers will relay the information to the appropriate circus industry contacts.



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