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Location  Detail
Location Connecticut 
CFA Region Eastern 
CFA District 2 
List of Bills
Total Records: 10
Location Bill   Category   Title Date
Connecticut  Durham Fair 2013   Dead  Support elephant rides at Durham CT Fair  8/5/2013 
Connecticut  CT - Milford 2014   Defeated  Consideration of circus animal ban in city of Milford  6/13/2013 
Connecticut  CT HB 6310   Dead  Animal advocates in court proceedings  1/30/2013 
Connecticut  CT HB 5832   Dead  To make certain changes to the state's exotic pets law.  1/28/2013 
Connecticut  CT HB 5828   Dead  Amends definition of "animal importer"  1/24/2013 
Connecticut  CT -- Bristol 2012   Defeated  Possible denial of circus permit  5/14/2012 
Connecticut  CT HB 6320   Dead  Inclusion of Humane Education in the Public Schools  3/21/2011 
Connecticut  CT HB 5342   Dead  Use of Animals, Fish, or Birds as Prizes at any Carnival  1/20/2011 
Connecticut  CT H 6555   Dead  State Bill to Prohibit Elephant Management Tools  6/3/2009 
Connecticut  CT HB 7019   Dead  State-wide legislation to ban the use of elephants management tools.  4/17/2007 

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