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Location New Jersey 
Bill NJ A4386 
Detail Cat   Action-Expired 
Detail Urge Governer Christie to VETO Assembly bill 4386 
Date 1/9/2018 


As many of you have heard, the New Jersey legislature passed Assembly Bill 4386, or "Nosey's Law."  When the bill was introduced, it banned the use of elephants in traveling acts/entertainment.  However, on 12/18, the Assembly Appropriations Committee amended the language to include ALL wild and exotic animals. The language passed yesterday reads as follows:

     1.    a. Notwithstanding any other law, or any rule or regulation adopted pursuant thereto, to the contrary, no person shall use an elephant 1or other wild or exotic animal1 in a traveling animal act. 
     b.    Any person who violates this section shall be subject to the penalties provided in section 10 of P.L.1973, c.309 (C.23:2A-10), except that the criminal penalties provided in subsection f. of that section shall not apply.
     c.     As used in this section:
     “Mobile or traveling housing facility” means a vehicle, including a truck, trailer, or railway car, used to transport or house an animal used for performance. 
     “Performance” means any animal act, carnival, circus, display, exhibition, exposition, fair, parade, petting zoo, presentation, public showing, race, ride, trade show, or similar undertaking in which animals perform tricks, give rides, or participate as accompaniments for the entertainment, amusement, or benefit of a live audience. 
     “Traveling animal act” means any performance which requires an animal to be transported to or from the location of the performance in a mobile or traveling housing facility. 
     2.    This act shall take effect immediately. 

(The full text of the bill is available online at

Because the bill passed at the end of the legislative session, the Governor has only seven (7) days to act from when the bill gets to his desk -- making the approximate signing deadline Jan. 15.  Governor Christie's term ends on January 16.

Here is the contact information for Governor Christie's office.  Please contact the Governor as soon as possible and respectfully urge him to VETO this legislation:



Phone for Governor's office: 609-292-6000
Email (a contact form on the state website):
Twitter: @GovChristie


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