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Location Pennsylvania 
Bill PA SB 248 
Detail Cat   Action 
Detail Contact member of PA Senate Judiciary Committee 
Date 11/6/2017 

Animal Defenders International rallying to support PA SB 248

ADI is planning a Week of Action in Pennsylvania on November 6-10 to generate constituent support for PA SB 248, which would ban “the for-profit display of any animal that traveled in a mobile housing facility in the 15 days preceding the display” (zoos and educational and research activities are exempted).  There has been no action taken on the bill since the Senate Judiciary Committee held a hearing this summer, but ADI is claiming that Chairman Greenleaf has committed to hear the bill again later this year.  Pennsylvania has a two-year legislative session, so bills will carry over to 2018.  Pennsylvania Week of Action (ADI alert, updated Oct. 30)

Please contact the members of the Pennsylvania Senate Judiciary Committee to let them know you OPPOSE Senate Bill 248.

Email addresses for Senate Judiciary Committee members:,,,,,,,,

(Please note: not all Committee members have released a public email address; the five members highlighted below have contact forms online – click on their names for the links.)

Members of Senate Judiciary Committee:

Senator Stewart Greenleaf, Chair
Senator John Rafferty, Vice-Chair
Senator Joe Scarnati, ex-officio
Senator Richard Alloway
Senator John Eichelberger
Senator John Gordner
Senator Wayne Langerholc
Senator Guy Reschenthaler
Senator Randy Vulakovich
Senator Gene Yaw

Senator Lisa Boscola
Senator Larry Farnese
Senator Art Haywood
Senator John Sabatina

Also a member of the Committee but no need to contact is Senator Daylin Leach, Minority Chair (Sen. Leach is the sponsor of PA SB 248; efforts to contact him would be futile)

Additional contact information for Chairman Greenleaf:

The Honorable Stewart Greenleaf

Chair, Senate Judiciary Committee

Senate Box 203012

Harrisburg, PA 17120-3012

PHONE: (717) 787-6599

FAX: (717) 783-7328


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