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Active Details 
Location Bill Priority Detail Ascending Date
Massachusetts  MA SB 1184   Status Bill reported favorably by committee and referred to the committee on Senate Ways and Means     2/20/2014 
New Mexico  NM - Rio Rancho 2012   Action-Expired E-mails of support to Rio Rancho, NM before 10/24/12     10/11/2012 
California  CA - Anaheim 2012   Information "Anaheim's Political Circus"     8/30/2012 
Mexico  Mexico City 2014   Caution-Expired "Circuses send in the clowns over Mexico animal ban"     6/10/2014 
New York  NY A464   Action-Expired "Elephant Protection Act" heading to Governor for signature     6/9/2017 
New Hampshire  NH - Manchester 2012   Information "Groups want Manchester alderman to ban animal performances"     4/10/2012 
New Jersey  NJ A4386   Action-Expired "Nosey's Law" might have a full Assembly vote Jan 4     12/30/2017 
Virginia  Richmond, VA 2014   Information 'Bullhook' has been mischaracterized (editorial)     11/16/2014 
California  West Hollywood CA 2013   Information 'Exotic Animal Performance Baní Passed, But Not Without Debate     9/18/2013 
USA  US HR 3546   Status 9/17/2015 Referred to the House Committee on Natural Resources     9/17/2015 

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