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Location Bill Ascending Priority Detail Date
    Status Legislature adjourned for year; bills carry over to 2014.     6/20/2013 
    Status Introduced and referred to Labor Committee     2/12/2013 
    Status Passed Senate     6/3/2013 
    Information Referred to Assembly Committee on Environmental Conservation     6/3/2013 
    Status Bil recommitted to Labor Committee     1/8/2014 
    Status Bill died at adjournment; no carryover to 2015     6/20/2014 
USA  2013 Farm Bill Amendment   Action-Expired Contact Congress to support King amendment to Farm Bill     12/12/2013 
USA  78 FR 47215   Action-Expired Comments needed to USDA/APHIS regarding public contact with bears/cats/nonhuman primates     10/1/2013 
USA  78 FR 47215   Information Comment period extended to November 18, 2013     10/25/2013 
Maryland  Anne Arundel County 2015   Information Text of Anne Arundel bullhook ban     201508270916450.Anne Arundel County ordinance 79-15.pdf?bill_detailOrder=Sorter_Bill&bill_detailDir=ASC 7/20/2015 

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