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USA  78 FR 47215  Amend AWA Regulations To Prohibit Public Contact With Big Cats, Bears, and Nonhuman Primates  10/1/2013  Dead

From USDA/APHIS: "We are notifying the public that the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service has received a petition requesting amendments to the Animal Welfare Act regulations and standards, including to prohibit licensees from allowing individuals, with certain exceptions, from coming into direct or physical contact with big cats, bears, or nonhuman primates of any age, to define the term ``sufficient distance,'' and to prohibit the public handling of young or immature big cats, bears, and nonhuman primates and the separation of such animals from their dams before the species-typical age of weaning absent medical necessity. We are making this petition available to the public and soliciting comments regarding the petition and any additional issues we should take into account as we consider this petition."

Bill Text

Category   Date   Detail  
  Information 10/25/2013  Comment period extended to November 18, 2013 
  Action-Expired 10/1/2013  Comments needed to USDA/APHIS regarding public contact with bears/cats/nonhuman primates 

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