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Bill Summary
Location Bill  Title  Date  Category
Massachusetts  Dalton, MA 2015  Circus animal ban proposed in Dalton  3/28/2015  Defeated

At the May 4, 2015 Town Meeting in Dalton, a vote will be taken on a bylaw which states "no living non-domesticated animal shall be displayed for public entertainment or amusement in circuses, carnivals, traveling events or other similar entities on property owned by Dalton, or private property."

Bill Text

Category   Date   Detail  
  Information 5/5/2015  Dalton, Mass., Votes Down Circus Bylaw Prohibiting Wild Animal Performances 
  Information 3/28/2015  Berkshire Eagle article on proposed circus animal ban in Dalton 
  Caution-Expired 4/24/2015  Performing animal ban on May 4 Town Meeting Warrant in Dalton, MA 

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