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Bill Summary
Location Bill  Title  Date  Category
New Jersey  NJ AB 2594  Imposes a penalty for the display/exhibition/traveling performance using exotic or wild animals  2/8/2016  Pending

This bill would impose a civil penalty for the display, exhibition, or use in a traveling performance or traveling exhibition of exotic, non-domestic, or wild animals in certain circumstances. Specifically, the bill would amend the State animal cruelty law to provide that any person who displays, exhibits, or uses in certain traveling performances or traveling exhibitions an exotic, non-domestic, or wild animal would be subject to a civil penalty of not less than of $250 or more than $5,000.

Bill Text

Category   Date   Detail  
  Status 1/10/2017  Bill carried over from 2016 session. 
  Information 4/26/2016  Text of NJ AB 2594 
  Status 2/6/2016  Bill introduced and referred to Assembly Committee on Agriculture and Natural Resources 

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