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Location Bill   Category   Title Date
New York  NY AB 3387   Dead  Relates to the issuance of a temporary carnival permit  1/25/2013 
New York  NY AB 2869   Dead  Prohibits the ownership, possession or harboring of a wild animal or reptile.  1/18/2013 
New York  New York AB 435   Dead  Relating to amusement devices, attraction awareness and inspections.  1/8/2013 
New York  New York SB 509   Dead  Haley's Act - prohibits direct contact between a big cat and a member of the public  1/8/2013 
New York  NY AB 10041   Passed  Wild and Exotic Animal Protection  6/13/2012 
New York  NY SB 7078   Dead  Exotic animals  5/3/2012 
New York  NY SB 633   Dead  Theatrical safety  3/15/2011 
New York  NY AB 4018   Dead  Operators of Petting Zoos (sanitation requirements)  2/1/2011 
New York  NY SB 1307   Dead  Haley's Act - prohibits direct contact between a big cat and the public  1/6/2011 
New York  NY AB 76 and SB 1854   Dead  Treatment and Display of Elephants  1/5/2011 
New York  NY - Albany 2010   Dead  Proposed exotic animal ordinance, city of Albany  4/22/2010 
New York  Intro. 389   Dead  NYC ordinance to ban the use of wild and exotic animals in performances  9/16/2009 
New York  NY S 4693   Dead  State Bill preventing contact between Large Cats and Public  4/27/2009 
New York  NY S 4964   Dead  State bill to regulate the treatment and display of elephants  4/27/2009 
New York  NY A 1000   Dead  State Bill Restricting exhibition of Elephants  1/7/2009 

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