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Location Bill   Category Ascending   Title Date
Connecticut  CT H 6555   Dead  State Bill to Prohibit Elephant Management Tools  6/3/2009 
Massachusetts  MA S 1870   Dead  State Bill concerning Treatment of Elephants  1/19/2009 
New York  NY A 1000   Dead  State Bill Restricting exhibition of Elephants  1/7/2009 
New York  NY S 4693   Dead  State Bill preventing contact between Large Cats and Public  4/27/2009 
New York  NY S 4964   Dead  State bill to regulate the treatment and display of elephants  4/27/2009 
New York  Intro. 389   Dead  NYC ordinance to ban the use of wild and exotic animals in performances  9/16/2009 
Massachusetts  MA SB 2002   Dead  State-wide legislation to ban the use of elephants management tools.  1/10/2007 
Connecticut  CT HB 7019   Dead  State-wide legislation to ban the use of elephants management tools.  4/17/2007 
Illinois  IL Chicago 2008-01   Dead  Chicago city ordinance: proposed city-wide ban on the use of elephant management tools.  4/1/2008 
Missouri  MO H 1288   Dead  Large Carnivore Act (ownership, possession, transportation, and breeding of large carnivores)  12/1/2009 
Vermont  VT HB 468   Dead  An act relating to the importation of elephants  1/5/2010 
West Virginia  WV HB 2061   Dead  Prohibits abusive behavior towards elephants by an owner or manager.  1/13/2010 
Missouri  MO SB 832   Dead  Large Carnivore Act (Senate version of above bill)  1/26/2010 
New York  NY AB 76 and SB 1854   Dead  Treatment and Display of Elephants  1/5/2011 
Indiana  IN HB 1163   Dead  Wild Animal Permits  1/20/2011 
Florida  FL SB 1070   Dead  Admissions tax  1/20/2010 
Florida  FL HB 579   Dead  Admissions tax (restores sales tax exemption)  1/20/2010 
Michigan  MI HB 5604   Dead  Entertainment tax (provides an excise tax on entertainment)  11/18/2009 
New Jersey  NJ AB 373   Dead  Ticket sales: restructures ticket sales law  1/12/2010 
USA  US Senate Bill 146   Dead  Antitrust Laws and Railroads  3/18/2009 
New York  NY - Albany 2010   Dead  Proposed exotic animal ordinance, city of Albany  4/22/2010 
New York  NY SB 1307   Dead  Haley's Act - prohibits direct contact between a big cat and the public  1/6/2011 
West Virginia  WV HB 2372   Dead  Abusive Behavior Towards Elephants  1/12/2011 
Connecticut  CT HB 5342   Dead  Use of Animals, Fish, or Birds as Prizes at any Carnival  1/20/2011 
New York  NY SB 633   Dead  Theatrical safety  3/15/2011 

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