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Location Bill   Category   Title Ascending Date
West Virginia  WV HB 2372   Dead  Abusive Behavior Towards Elephants  1/12/2011 
Massachusetts  MA - Marshfield 2011   Defeated  Activists seeking ban on circuses in city  5/29/2011 
Florida  FL SB 1070   Dead  Admissions tax  1/20/2010 
Florida  FL HB 579   Dead  Admissions tax (restores sales tax exemption)  1/20/2010 
USA  78 FR 47215   Dead  Amend AWA Regulations To Prohibit Public Contact With Big Cats, Bears, and Nonhuman Primates  10/1/2013 
Connecticut  CT HB 5828   Dead  Amends definition of "animal importer"  1/24/2013 
Arkansas  AR HB 1635   Passed  Amends the Amusement Ride and Amusement Attraction Safety Insurance Act  3/4/2013 
Massachusetts  MA HB 1477   Dead  An Act relating to the humane treatment of elephants  1/20/2015 
Vermont  VT HB 468   Dead  An act relating to the importation of elephants  1/5/2010 
Massachusetts  MA SB 1801   Dead  An Act relating to the treatment of elephants  6/22/2015 
Massachusetts  MA HB 1274   Dead  An Act relating to the treatment of elephants   1/20/2015 
Massachusetts  MA SB 1184   Dead  An Act relative to amusement devices  5/30/2013 
Massachusetts  MA - SB 1706   Dead  An Act Relative to the Treatment of Elephants  10/5/2011 
Michigan  MI HB 4691   Passed  An act to abolish the Carnival Amusement Safety Board.  5/2/2013 
Maine  ME LD 396   Dead  An Act To Prohibit the Use of Elephants in Traveling Animal Acts  2/17/2017 
California  CA - Anaheim 2012   Defeated  Anaheim City Council may consider circus animal ban  8/23/2012 
Connecticut  CT HB 6310   Dead  Animal advocates in court proceedings  1/30/2013 
Massachusetts  MA SB 767   Dead  Animal cruelty - allows a party of interest to bring an action against an offender  1/22/2013 
USA  US Senate Bill 146   Dead  Antitrust Laws and Railroads  3/18/2009 
West Virginia  WV SB 272   Dead  Authorizes Division of Labor to promulgate legis. rule relating to amusement rides  5/30/2013 
New Jersey  Cumberland County, NJ    Passed  Ban on the exhibition of wild and exotic animals on county-owned land  12/21/2016 
USA  HR 1818   Pending  Big Cat Public Safety Act  5/18/2017 
USA  US HR 3546   Dead  Big Cat Public Safety Act of 2016   9/17/2015 
USA  US S. 2541   Dead  Big Cat Public Safety Act of 2016  2/11/2016 
USA  HR 4122   Dead  Big Cats and Public Safety Protection Act  8/1/2012 

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