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Location Bill Ascending   Category   Title Date
USA  2013 Farm Bill Amendment   Dead  Protect Interstate Commerce Act  12/12/2013 
USA  78 FR 47215   Dead  Amend AWA Regulations To Prohibit Public Contact With Big Cats, Bears, and Nonhuman Primates  10/1/2013 
Maryland  Anne Arundel County 2015   Defeated  Proposed ban on bullhooks/elephant rides  8/24/2015 
Arkansas  AR HB 1635   Passed  Amends the Amusement Ride and Amusement Attraction Safety Insurance Act  3/4/2013 
Texas  Austin, TX 2014   Passed  City Council resolution against performing animals in circuses  8/5/2014 
Maryland  Baltimore County, MD 2017   Pending  Would Prohibit Wild or Exotic Animals for Public Entertainment or Amusement  9/15/2017 
New Jersey  Bergen County, NJ 2016   Passed  County ordinance introduced to ban exotic or wild animal shows  7/18/2016 
California  CA - Aliso Viejo 2012   Defeated  Proposed ban on wild and exotic animals in circuses  5/2/2012 
California  CA - Anaheim 2012   Defeated  Anaheim City Council may consider circus animal ban  8/23/2012 
California  CA - Irvine 2011   Passed  Proposed ban on performing animals within city limits  5/30/2011 
California  CA - Los Angeles 2013   Passed  Los Angeles City Council: proposed bullhook ban  6/4/2012 
California  CA - Oakland 2014   Passed  Oakland considers ban on elephant management tools  11/24/2014 
California  CA - San Francisco 2015   Passed  City Council ordinance to ban exotic and performing animals  4/3/2015 
California  CA AB 343   Dead  Requires persons who record cruelty to livestock to immediately submit recordings to law enforcement  2/13/2013 
California  CA AB 344   Dead  Relates to the employment of minors in the entertainment industry  2/13/2013 
California  CA SB 1062   Passed  Prohibits the use of bull hooks or similar devices on elephants  2/17/2016 
California  CA SB 716   Defeated  Prohibit the use of certain instruments in the training/discipline of elephants (bullhook ban)  4/10/2015 
Massachusetts  Cambridge, MA 2015   Passed  Proposed ban on wild and exotic animals  11/18/2015 
Oregon  Clatsop County 2013   Passed  Ordinance 13-07 Banning use of bullhooks, electric prods and whips on elephants, felines or primates  11/20/2013 
Connecticut  CT - Milford 2014   Defeated  Consideration of circus animal ban in city of Milford  6/13/2013 
Connecticut  CT -- Bristol 2012   Defeated  Possible denial of circus permit  5/14/2012 
Connecticut  CT H 6555   Dead  State Bill to Prohibit Elephant Management Tools  6/3/2009 
Connecticut  CT HB 5342   Dead  Use of Animals, Fish, or Birds as Prizes at any Carnival  1/20/2011 
Connecticut  CT HB 5828   Dead  Amends definition of "animal importer"  1/24/2013 
Connecticut  CT HB 5832   Dead  To make certain changes to the state's exotic pets law.  1/28/2013 

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